Main Street Mural Competition

AEC is pleased to announce its contest for public murals in and around Main Street, Ellicott City, Maryland. AEC has a grant from the State of Maryland to help fund the mural(s), and we seek mural design and installation proposals from the general public.

AEC has consulted with the Howard County Historic Preservation Commission and with property owners on Main Street. Those discussions have produced a list of candidate walls for murals, which list appears in the competition guidelines below.

Design proposals are due December 31, 2018. Proposals can be mailed to The Fund for Art in Ellicott City, Inc., 8318 Forrest Street, Suite 200, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043, or emailed to

Please spread the word about this exciting project, and be part of yet another phoenix-like renewal of Old Ellicott City!

AEC Competition Press Release

AEC Mural Competition Guidelines